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Small Town House Garden - Barnes

Date: May 2003

Type: Town Gardens

Client: Private Clients

This small family garden was a patch of weeds surrounded by three ugly fence panels. To lighten the garden and accentuate its clean lines the panels were clad with marine ply at the sides and willow screening along the back.

The interior of this small Edwardian cottage had been thoroughly modernised. Large hardwood doors opened the house up to the garden so I wanted to carry on the contemporary style.

The deck and L shaped bench are constructed from the hardwood Ipe and low blockwork rendered walls retain the clean lines found in side the house.

Small ceramic tiles were found to match the line of tiles that ran through the whole of the house. I continued this line out into the garden and over the wall.

Architectural plants such as bamboo, tree ferns, miscanthus zebrinus and veronica alba kept to my simple pallet of green and white.